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I do not allow Keywords stuffed in the name field. You must use your name or nick name for commenting. Comments using keywords such as “Web Design Company” or similar will be flagged as SPAM and deleted.

  • हिन्दी: Comment में अपना name सही से enter करें, कोई भी keyword add न करें। अगर आप comment name में keywords use करते हैं तो  ऐसी comment को delete कर दिया जाएगा।

Valid Email

Email addresses are required for commenting, and they are not published on the blog, nor shared. Email addresses that look like SPAM will be flagged as SPAM.

हिन्दी: Email address comment करने के लिए जरूरी है। आपका email address किसी के साथ share नहीं किया जाता और न ही website पर publish किया जाता है। इसलिए अपने email address का use करें।

Language and Manners

This blog is written in hindi so leave your comments in hindi. is a “family friendly site” therefore any comment that includes offensive or inappropriate language, and/or considered rude by me or my editorial staff will be edited or deleted. This is a friendly community, so play it NICE.

  • हिन्दी: यह Blog एक Hindi Blog है, इसलिए कोई other language का use न करे। Askmehindi एक family friendly site है इसलिए कोई भी ऐसी comment जिसमे गलत भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है वो remove कर दी जाएगी।

Add Values

A comment which does not add to the conversation, runs of on an inappropriate tangent, or kills the conversation may be edited, moved, or deleted. All SPAM comments will be deleted because they do not add value to the site.

  • हिन्दी: कोई भी ऐसी comment जो की article से संबन्धित नहीं है और सिर्फ website को link करने के उदेश्य से की गयी है वो comment को SPAM माना जाएगा और remove कर दी जाएगी।

No Personal Information

Please do not share any personal information like your email id, contact number, bank account numbers, card number, pin number, cvv codes etc. in the comment section of any post. We value the privacy and security of our readers with the highest priority and we will not allow to share any personal details which might be used by other internet to spam you or compromise your privacy or security. We will edit or delete any comment which will contact any kind of personal information like that. It’s for your own safety.

  • हिन्दी: कृपया अपनी कोई भी Personal Information जैसे की contact number, bank account number, card details, Pin number और दूसरी private information अपनी comment में शामिल न करें। हम आपकी privacy का पूरा ख्याल रखते हैं इसलिए ऐसी comment जो की private information share करती हैं वो remove कर दी जाती हैं।

No । Personal Attack Comments Permitted

In the interest of fair play, no personal attacks are permitted in this blog’s comments. You may question or argue the content, but not attack the blogger, nor any other commenters. Failure to respect fellow participants on this blog could result in removal and blocked access.

हिन्दी: कृपया किसी को reply करते समय अभद्र भाषा का प्रयोग ना करें, सभी के साथ manners से पेश आयें।

All Rights Reserved

Askmehindi  Editorial Staff reserves the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. I also have the right to block access to any one or group from commenting or from the entire blog.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, you may contact Us using the Contact Form.